“It’s like beading on silk”
Vicky Roberts – Editor of Bead & Jewellery Magazine

Take a read of this really great comprehensive review of DuraThread from Katie Dean at My World of Beads here

“I love it when new thread comes along that is just for us beaders. I’ve been experimenting with DuraThread. It’s the perfect combination, the softness of a multifilament like K.O, and the strength and durability of Fireline”
Heather Kingsley-Heath – Designer

“I think DuraThread is a great choice for anyone who wants just one good quality all round thread at a reasonable price. For those who already have several different beading threads I think DuraThread offers the opportunity to achieve a softer, more fluid effect with all types of bead, including crystals, so this would be a great addition to their collection of threads.”
Pru McRae – Designer

“I am seriously impressed with the new Dura Thread. I made one component with 6lb Fireline and when I pulled the thread it broke on the Crystals, I then started again using Dura Thread , no problems what’s so ever and I really did pull it. In my opinion I think this is a great new thread and it’s about half the price of other threads. I was very impressed
Sue Picknell – Designer

“I got some new awesome thread from Spoilt Rotten Beads that is much cheaper than fireline and is AWESOME to work with!!! I normally don’t like to work with anything else but fireline or nanofil, but this is super!!!”
Miriam Cielo Shimon – Designer, Cielo Design

DuraThread “has absolutely transformed my pearl beading techniques to give such a precise finish to my work. It drapes like silk but has such a strength and is just perfection”
Suzie Menham, SuzieMJewellery